About MIchelle

Hi, I’m Michelle. My last name is Mannello which in Italian can translate to “within hands”. This is fitting because I have been a healer of people for 30 years in the areas of Athletic Training and Physical Therapy. Manual techniques have been my specialty. This allows me to use my hands as they are an extension of my heart.

Animals have always been a big part of my life. The years of being a pet owner and volunteer at a no-kill shelter made me realize even more that every animal should be looked upon as a gift to be nurtured. This lead to my present passion and purpose to create harmony between pets and their people.
In 2018, I began my formal Animal Communication and Energy Healing education with CWALU. Personally I have explored spiritual connection with higher realms and focused on cleansing/replenishing midline energy vortex centers (Chakras) in humans and animals. All of this has encouraged me to grow and work on my own communion with our Creator which deepens my connection with all living things.

Mission: Allow me to assisst you and your animal companion to reach a heart-felt connection, joy, comfort, peace and a sense of “being at home” with each other.

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