Remote Services

Animal Communication

There is an Understanding of the animals’ unspoken world and their desire to express what they cannot say with the spoken word. I will connect and “chat” with your animal companion. I will assess a sense of physical and emotional wellbeing. I will achieve a level of trust so your pet feels comfortable and safe.

Animal healing

Emotional Freedom Technique: This Technique can help with poor or unwanted behavior, such as biting, peeing accidents, feeling welcome in a new home, excessive barking/aggression or getting along with other humans and animals.

Scalar Wave: This Energy Technique can help to reveal other health and emotional issues and can bring a sense of peace and calmness to your animal companion.


Animal Communication

30 Minutes: $75.00

Package of 3 sessions: $175.00

Energy Healing

30 Minutes session: $75.00

Package of 3 sessions: $ 175.00


VENMO : send to @mlmannello

For other forms of payment please contact me.

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